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Hi. I am a Nemain (or occasionally a Ciara, if I feel so inclined). Nice to meet you.

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Sir Michael


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Meddling with the actions of a Daedric Prince has severe consequences.

Reblogging here because I made an art and it’s creepy as hell. :3c

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sneaktheif replied to your post “Is it just me, or has everyone switched to lurk mode in the Shipyard…”
kzp had a drabble or two a week or so ago xD and her and key have been given temporary custody of a child. So far it’s not going well, she slapped him over it. :E

I’ll scoot on over and have a catch up shortly! Also got an idea I need to run past you and Daski regarding the aftermath of Sin and Mir’s “meeting”. :3c

daisyloveletters replied to your post“Is it just me, or has everyone switched to lurk mode in the Shipyard…”
I haven’t been feeling all that great with my writing tbh >: I’m not sure if everyone’s feeling the same…
I know I’ve been feeling pretty burned out, still. The burst of activity on Vael has been fun, but my other accounts kinda feel like a constant game of catchup without a drop of inspiration to power the slog. The smaller chat threads really helped me on Vael… Perhaps that would be easier for you to focus on as well when the mood’s a bit less grey?

Also, I understand you’re busy and life’s stressful at times, but honestly, Mems? You’re one of the people I really, really look up to for the sheer scale and depth of your worldbuilding. Writing won’t always magically flow from one’s fingertips, no — But whenever yours does pop up, I’m always really impressed! 

baneofkings replied to your post“Is it just me, or has everyone switched to lurk mode in the Shipyard…”
Lurking begets lurking begets lurking and so there is less of an incentive to act out and post.
I can very much understand that — I know I feel that a potential run of lack of feedback is offputting, even if it’s the fault of a quiet dash and not as a function of lack of interest in what I do? I don’t post seeking notes, no, but I think you get what I mean.

Besides — Quieter dash means I don’t miss your delicious plot advances and art. Talk about going above and beyond with your concepts and ideas!
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Is it just me, or has everyone switched to lurk mode in the Shipyard these past few weeks or so? The dash is practically stoic on my smaller RP accounts, and even on Mir it’s taking around two hours to reach 100+ posts instead of under one.



Admittedly I’ve been lurking a lot myself but that’s besides the point.

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rough WIP

hermy, my favorite daedra and miraak :D

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I was just checking my miscellaneous Flight Rising stats out of curiosity, and noticed a little something that very much stood out…

Bloody Coatls.

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Cold shoulder


Ice flight is so unfriendly and stuck up as a whole. I regret leaving Arcane to join this every single day. I find myself playing F-R less and less because my flight forums are so unenjoyable. I will definitely be leaving as soon as my cooldown timer is up.

I too switched from Arcane to Ice, but I completely disagree with your rather overarching assessment of the flight as a whole. While the flight may not be correct for you (and that’s totally fine!), I do not feel that such generalisation represents us at all, and that your assertion is quite unfair in that light.

Did you join in the buildup to our domination battle? You’d definitely not have seen the forums as representative of what they really are if you did. I admit when I first joined I found a few members intimidating, but really, blunt and honest opinions are NOT equatable to unfriendly — You just have to get to know them, and you’ll realise they’re lovely! At the end of the day, those aforementioned people put so much into Ice Flight that it’s understandable that they might be a bit short some days. I just mucked in, contributed to the Snow Bank, helped out where I could, and the friendships began to be forged from there.

Really, I’m not sure what else you could ask for in a flight. There’s an active Skype chat, dozens of non-dom FR and non-FR related forum posts, and there’s even people that’ll snipe items for you at base marketplace cost for no charge. I should know — I’m the person that runs the thread, aha.

If you’re having issues with fitting in and want a bit of reassurance, you are welcome to chat to me any time. The username’s Vyrthur, and the ID is 62685. Please drop me a line if you’d like to talk!




Gromph Baenre is cool.

I don’t know the artist.

Looks like it’s from a card series or something. This is the best I can find, anyway.

This is an illustration from The Legend of Drizzt companion coffee table book, I own it. There’s a list of illustrators on the inside, but I don’t have it handy at the moment.

That feeling when one of your headcanons on your RP blog generates a mature, level headed TES lore discussion, with respect for each contrasting opinion under the same discussion topic.