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Gromph Baenre is cool.

I don’t know the artist.

Looks like it’s from a card series or something. This is the best I can find, anyway.

This is an illustration from The Legend of Drizzt companion coffee table book, I own it. There’s a list of illustrators on the inside, but I don’t have it handy at the moment.

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That feeling when one of your headcanons on your RP blog generates a mature, level headed TES lore discussion, with respect for each contrasting opinion under the same discussion topic.


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Meridia’s Beacon

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Sorry for not updating much! Since I’ve got back I’ve landed a couple of local area job interviews for summer work, and found some absolutely ideal PhD positions in the UK to apply for. Looks like I’ll be able to save up this summer for my driving lessons and perhaps get back into learning by the start of next year.

Fingers crossed — If all else fails and my PhD applications don’t get accepted, I do still have that Australia job offer on the proviso that I’m driving. Going to prioritize getting on the road (as it’d be stupid to refuse guaranteed employment), and keep positive about the research side of things!


Indoril Varis Brelo, Order of the Watch in Vivec City, Vvardenfell.

also scary Ordinator on the St Olms night patrol


This dom battle brought out some of the worst in Ice flight that I’ve seen since I’ve been there. Not only are there people being shitty as hell and saying Ice should steal Plague’s holiday as “revenge” there’s been the rumors of botting, the stupid screenshotting fiasco, and people whining in the forums about how this “ridiculous feud” got some of their dragons exalted and they want to leave the flight. If that’s how you feel then by all means, gtfo. This was supposed to be a fun battle and it was. Put on your big kid pants and get over it ‘cause one way or another SOMEONE had to lose. Plague isn’t shitting on us at the last second and in case you forgot Ice moved our own dom push to coincide with Plague’s so we weren’t in a 3 way push with Nature and Water. They didn’t take anything from Ice, Plague fucking earned it ‘cause they exalted more dragons. Grow up and get ready for the next push if you don’t want to lose. GOOD JOB PLAGUE YOU BEAT US FAIR AND SQUARE AND YOU DESERVED IT.

Also hey mods! Maybe add a dominance tag? ;)

With all due respect, the vast majority of users (myself included) were very quick to shoot down any serious talk of taking Plague’s holiday week. Lord only knows the drama that would cause. It was simply people being a bit sore over the loss, and they realise what a bad idea that would be now the excitement of the domination week has all died down.

The screenshot fiasco got completely out of hand, but that was not the fault of the people directly involved. The offending person (a newbie) apologised and took down the post, the Plague member accepted it, and really, that should have been that. No mods were involved, as Ice has no dedicated mods — It was entirely at the user’s discretion, which should tell you they had the common decency to appreciate they’d buggered up. There was no spying, no infiltrating, no cheating — Just a user that wanted to help and didn’t realise the faux pas of a screenshot, given the fact that the content of the board was something she could have asked her friend for anyway.

I have to agree that the person complaining about the exalting of their dragons was a bit much, and from what I saw, everyone put them in their place very quickly. The simple fact is that they sold their dragons in the middle of a domination battle for exalt prices — Once money changes hands, a user has no claim to that dragon. If they’re that attached to their virtual dergs, then they should not sell them, and if they don’t like Domination battles, then they should not be in Ice or Plague. Simple as, really. Either way, I hope they’ve learned from this, and don’t do that again.

But yes. Drama aside, this was an amazing week, and Plague totally deserved the win. I was a bit disappointed at rollover as I’d sunk so much into the push, but hey, we gave them as good as we got, and I was so pleased with how everyone worked together to try and pull it off.

Very much looking forward to the rematch — Kudos to you, Plague!

For those of you that joined me recently and don’t quite understand that last post: I’ve got a Master’s in Geology.


Even if it was only for a terrible pun.

It took five years of geology studies, £50,000 of student loans, many sleepless nights and several panic-driven last-minute essays.


Now that I have returned from Ireland.

I feel that I am now sufficiently qualified to say that the Giant’s Causeway…


bloodoftheancients says: [ Oooh! Could you do Mir-Mir in 36, if you're still taking palette meme requests? :D ]



(Once I have done all the pics I will compile them on my doodle account on velvettodraws and the invidual pieces will be taken down from here :> the cutest of all the snow elves is just as sweet as the sweetrolls she loves. It’s a fact.)


Mir-Mir does not approve of Tick’s domestic cat based diet in the slightest.