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Posted: 1 day ago

That awesome moment on Flight Rising when you go to return what you think is a badly mispriced AH find… And it turns out to be an intentional sale.



ultra mega grouchy characters that are only soft around their significant others (●´ω`●)

And that goes for all you TES RP accounts that follow me over here, too.

You’ve all done something truly marvellous in bringing your OCs to the table, in finding the courage to share your personal thoughts on lore, and in shaping your muse through interaction and worldbuilding. It takes a good deal of confidence to present one’s ideas and reach out to others — That’s a big thing for anyone to do, whether they are naturally confident or not. You should rightfully be very proud of the creative skills you’ve developed during your RP tenancy and what you’ve achieved!

You keep doing what you do, because it’s brilliant. Rock on!


Seriously don’t make an female OC Skyrim character unless you’re like Mirthys.

Come on now, Cae. No putting yourself down, okay?

I think tonight has just been exceptionally quiet in the Shipyard, though I more than appreciate the lack of feedback really doesn’t help when one doesn’t have a huge deal of confidence. Try not to put too much stock in what does get notes/asks and what does not, especially when reblogging memes, as it’s in no way a reflection of the “quality” of your muse. Remember that a post that might net 10+ notes as soon as it goes up often only gets a couple because it was posted at a “bad” time. That’s hardly your fault!

If it’s a bad RP night, just take a break and do something you enjoy — I’ve stepped back a lot lately, and felt a lot better for doing so. Roleplay should be fun, not a source of anxiety or stress about who cares and who doesn’t. When you do debate if you’re good enough, just remember that all of your followers found something intriguing about your blogs and like what you post, else they would not have followed! :)



Argonian The Elder Scrolls Cosplay



"We’re all goin’ to Aetherius, lads! WHAAAAAAAY!"

This means Mirthys is Mrs. Doyle..


There is only one problem with that.image
Mir would eat all the sweetrolls before she could force them on everyone. Naughty girl!



tHIS is all truth and lore! never forget!

I am laughing because this is perfect. BUT WHO IS FATHER JACK?

Zu’u lost daal

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This dollmaker is amazing! It even had Mir-Mir’s hair. Great find, Annie. :)

Because this came out super well — Nightmare vampire Olyntor, complete with Glasgow grin.

From one of Mir’s Vaermina-related plot comics: [ x ]
WIP: [ x ]