"One without knowledge lacks even the knowledge that they should be ashamed of themselves."

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In the end my persistence won against my laziness. I really enjoyed drawing this one, even if it was a bit challenging.
Mz!muse just wouldn’t leave me alone.
and again
  • (KrissyFLY) .:Yes he fucking is im like
  • (KrissyFLY) :ok mz im gonna draw you
  • (KrissyFLY) :and hes like lol
  • (KrissyFLY) .:sure
  • (KrissyFLY) .:and then like
  • (KrissyFLY) .:once in a blue moon on friday the 13th
  • (KrissyFLY) .:during leapyear
  • (KrissyFLY) .:when the planets align
  • (KrissyFLY) .:i can get him right


cae pls

Come on it was glorious! Also Vael was in one too~



"I have seen other people do this. Apparently it is meant to convey a certain degree of affection, though I see not the point in it. Congratulations — I do not entirely despise you, Eryas.”

Under his breath, he mutters.

"Just mostly. And especially when you insist upon being completely exasperating, of a day.”


Vaelwynde went full ass Nordic for ‘infultration’.

Don’t let Mirthys see that necklace!



Sausage cat is on the move.

"I’d like to chase you, but I can’t be bothered to get up."

Things Vaelwynde hates, part one:


  • Vampires.
  • Doorframes. Especially stupidly small Nordic ones.
  • Having to stop work in order to sleep. Fucking sleep. How rude.
  • Socialising.
  • You.
  • Them.
  • That person over there as well.
  • That squeaky door in the fort that never shuts properly.
  • Pancakes.
  • People that chew with their mouths open.
  • People that open their mouths, full stop.
  • Humanity in general.
  • Bards.
  • Fun.

Ladies and gentleman: The grumpiest Dawnguard OC in existence.


If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point.

You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, the elements, different phases of life. And here you are.

You go, motherfucker. You’re awesome.

Fuck it. I’m tired of feeling anxious about interactions with my followers and it’s about time I kicked my arse into gear. Time to do some fly-by inbox spam with some encouraging/positive messages…

… And to set the dreaded Skype status to the once-a-year “online”.



To say that I am proud of how my fellow Icicles all pulled together at the last moment would be a vast understatement to make. That battle was far tougher and more intense than even our battle against Plague (though that was hard enough!), and at no moment did I think we had it! So much money poured in on both sides, wow.

Absolutely amazing battle, and huge kudos to the fiercest opponent we’ve faced in my time on FR! 

RIP my 10 level 25s.

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"oh yeah shit i forgot i was one of the most powerful mages in the history of tamriel"

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