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I don’t play FR, but that’s a cute baby!
So much so that she got claimed within a minute of that post going up. :’)

If you sign up next window, let me know! I’ve got plenty of stuff to hand out to new players. Will be posting a few item/dragon giveaways over the next week as well, so expect to see more adorable pudgy-bellied little buggers on the dash!

Starting to lay out the structure and detail of the clan vaelwynde was exiled from back on the Isles, and am both super excited and highly amused by it all.

I always pictured his family as being middle-upper class, and when I double-checked where that would put them in society? It makes them artists. Now, the term “artist” covers a heck of a lot of stuff, and at the moment I’m most keen on the idea of expanding on a few Altmeri performance arts.

That’s right. Vaelwynde is from a line of actors, bards, and singers.

No wonder he thinks Skyrim’s bards are completely tone deaf.



( Nothing makes me happier than seeing a dragon with flowers on its head.

Apologies for the OOC posts today. Apologies for not doing much, but I have an exam and a quiz this week, so… Hopefully I’ll be able to get some things done after a lab tomorrow. )

Varanus agrees. :3c

Best of luck with all the things! We’re rooting for you. <3

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A little Alfiq bride getting ready for her wedding. I can’t imagine that Khajiit traditionally wear a lot to their weddings, other than jewellery.

For those of you on Flight Rising: I have decided to make a separate Tumblr for my pixel derg shenanigans. You can find that over here!


After seeing koussikka, Mirthys decided that she liked his bow enough to steal it to try and mimic his style.

Because Mir looks too damned cute in a bow to not paint up all nice and pretty like.

That awesome moment on Flight Rising when you go to return what you think is a badly mispriced AH find… And it turns out to be an intentional sale.



ultra mega grouchy characters that are only soft around their significant others (●´ω`●)

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