"One without knowledge lacks even the knowledge that they should be ashamed of themselves."

Hi. I am a Nemain (or occasionally a Ciara, if I feel so inclined). Nice to meet you.

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Also, if you guys play FR and I haven’t added you yet, drop by and let me know who you are!

Vyrthur, user 62685

Varanus says you should. So do it. Yes.

I made a Mzarkmiir derg on Flight Rising.


Why does he have a tiny yelling bird on his head? WHY NOT.

Now watch as I make dergs for all of the Shipyard.

Well… That was an adventure.

A short summary of where I’ve been, and how the PhD interview went. In short — It’s not great news. They still have to pick the best candidate and I’ve yet to receive a rejection/acceptance letter, but if I were to be accepted, it’d be nothing short of a miracle.

Anyway, here’s what happened.

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Just got my old girl to level 25! Sancha, dragon ID 12405

The more I look at her, the more I love her. She’s Gen 2, she’s got no unnamed offspring, she’s Ice Ripple/Caribbean Shimmer/Platinum Underbelly, and she was hatched on the first public day of FR. I hope to get older dragons in time (man would I love a 3 or 4 digit ID!), but for now, I’m more than happy with this girlie.


makerhavemercy replied to your post“The more I look into Vaermina’s lore and the possibilities contained…”
If I weren’t so lazy, I’d be ALL over Mephala.
I will be all over your headcanons about them if you find the inspiration/time to post your thoughts — I love seeing what others come up with, and you’re a terrific writer! :)

Glad I’m not the only one that thinks a lot of the Princes are overlooked, though. There’s so many unanswered questions and unsung potential, and I’d love to see more from the community to fill in the official lore gaps you know?
Also Meridia is pretty ignored as well. And Mephala, heck a lot of them are ignored.

What’s surprising is you don’t see much mention of Azura in the Shipyard either, despite the number of Morrowind Dunmer there. At least that Prince has a decent amount of concrete lore behind them, though!


The more I look into Vaermina’s lore and the possibilities contained within their Sphere, the more I wonder why hardly anyone else has touched on them in RP. They have next to no concrete lore behind them compared to a lot of the Princes — A great Prince to try and expand upon and add concepts to, in my mind.

Sure, I understand why Hircine and Molag are the most prominent Princes in Tumblr roleplay, owing to the lycanthropic and vampiric ties to them that are shared by afflicted muses. There’s Sheogorath’s popularity to consider as well, but beyond those prominent three, you rarely see mention of any other Princes — And what struck me when browsing UESP/Imperial Library/etc was the blatant lack of Vaermina-related lore, let alone the lack of representation they have in RP.

There’s possibilities that Vaermina’s directly linked with Skin Stealers, the Ideal Masters and the Soul Cairn, and so much more — Not to mention the nature of their seemingly canonical link with Molag Bal via the cure for vampirism in Morrowind. They’re just so insidious and up in everything that it’s a delight to mull over their possible influences and power!


You all can blame bloodoftheancients for sending me this song that I have been playing nonstop so i finally made a pic for it



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